Brand Name Kybella

Eliminate Bulges In Your Chin and Neck

Deoxycholic acid, recently approved for usage in cosmetic treatments to reduce fat in the chin area, is naturally produced by the body. The body uses it to help absorb fats in the intestine as part of the digestive process. It had been used as a food additive in the past. Most recently, the FDA approved usage to reduce moderate to severe fat located under the chin. Essentially an injection of the acid destroys fat cells.

Double Chin Shot In the United states, the use of deoxycholic acid in its injectable form is sold under the trade name of Kybella. There can be up to 50 injections per sessions in order to dissolve fats under the chin, and sessions can take place 30 days apart. As of June 2015 doctors were being trained to perform these injections as part of a cosmetic procedure to dissolve double-chin fats. A Food and Drug Administration study confirmed that reductions in "submental fat" were more common to people who got Kybella in a double-blind study.

Hazards of Deoxycholic Acid Injections

Side effects of Deoxycholic Acid are important to consider, since an injection may result in nerve injuries, an uneven smile, or muscle weakness. It is important to only inject it into fatty areas, as the cytolytic nature of the drug can destroy healthy cells like skin and muscle cells. More common deoxycholic acid side effects include redness, hardness of the treatment area, bruising, swelling, numbness, and pain. .

Do Your Homework - Protect Your Health

As the double chin treatment industry expands, the danger of unlicensed and counterfeit drugs is going to increase. According to the FDA, Kybella is sold in dispensing packs that have a hologram on them. If you are seeking a double-chin reduction, be sure to go to a certified cosmetic surgeon who is going to provide the genuine treatment.